Answers to Your Burning Questions

We like people who ask questions. It’s a hallmark of our best franchisees, and crucial for determining whether you’re a fit for this brand and opportunity. Here’s a start. Please reach out for more.

Do I need experience in the salon industry or with waxing services?

Absolutely not. Many of our franchisees have never run a salon or worked in the waxing industry. It’s more important that you have an entrepreneurial spirit, business management skills, and a passion for developing people and providing outstanding service. We’ll get you up to speed on the rest.

How much capital do I need to buy a franchise?

Typically, our Waxing The City studio owners invest approximately $100-120K of their own capital to open their franchise. Some enlist silent partners and go other routes to get their business off the ground. See the Investment section to learn more.

Is financing assistance available?

Yes, no-cost financing assistance is available to Waxing The City franchisees. After consulting with our finance department, they can recommend a wide range of products and services for financing your investment.

What can I expect to earn from my business?

Income from each Waxing The City studio varies based on many variables: market size, demographics, efforts made by owners, competency, and economic factors. While we can’t guarantee a specific profit, see Item 19 of our FDD for average numbers. Your success is our success, so we’ll work with you to help your studio reach its full potential.

How many hours should I expect to work in my studio(s) each week?

This decision is completely up to you. Some owners maintain full-time jobs and designate a studio manager to run the day-to-day operations, with occasional supervision. Other owners operate their Waxing The City studios as a full-time job. It can work both ways.

Do you provide start-up support and training?

Yes, supporting you and your staff is our top priority at Waxing The City corporate. You can expect targeted training in client services, waxing techniques, product sales, staff management, marketing, business reporting, and every other aspect of the studio business. Support and training will continue for the entire life of your Waxing The City franchise.

What territories do you have available?

Waxing The City is a a brand on the rise, which means many prime markets are still available. Rather than show you available territories, check out our map for where we have studios open and in development. Everything in between? That’s what we call opportunity.

Do I get an exclusive territory for my Waxing The City franchise?

Yes, you’ll be granted an exclusive territory subject to certain restrictions within the Franchise Agreement (see Item 12 of our Franchise Disclosure Document). Talk to one of our franchise consultants to learn more about how we implement territory development.

Are there benefits to owning more than one studio or territory?

Yes, choosing to become a multi-studio owner will help you secure strategic control over prime growth markets, and realize economies of scale via cross marketing, staffing, and more across multiple studios. You’ll also get a discount on the franchise fee for each additional Waxing the Studio territory.

Will you help me select the best real estate and market for my studio?

Yes, our franchisees have access to a team of experienced real estate brokers who offer no-cost assistance with site selection and lease negotiation, including a thorough review of the market demographics. Plus, they can assist you in obtaining rent and build-out allowances.

Do you help with studio design and construction?

Absolutely. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible, so we’ve created a detailed design guide and supply system to direct your choices, make recommendations, and ensure you’re left with a beautiful, functional Waxing the City studio that clients and staff will love.

Do all the waxing the city studios look the same?

No, not necessarily. While we have a turn-key build-out solution referenced above, each studio will vary slightly depending on the birthdate of the business, and their specific footprint. Take a virtual tour of one of our studios in Elmwood, LA for a great example.

Virtual Tour

Will you assist my marketing efforts

Yes, our experienced marketing team will provide guidance and a proven framework that will help you generate buzz and new clients in your local community from before your grand opening to everyday. This includes a paid digital media plan, a playbook for guerilla marketing (events, business & influencer networking), public relations recommendations, and social media resources, all designed to build affinity relationships and drive traffic to your studio. You’ll have access to professionally developed marketing materials and business supplies as well, to implement seasonal and social campaigns in your market.

Is there anything special about Waxing The City tools, products, or techniques?

Yes, we pride ourselves on superior wax and skills, to stay a top franchise. Cerology is our term for the art of waxing. It’s based on "cera" (Latin for wax). All estheticians at your studio will undergo extensive Cerology training before they can serve Waxing the City clients.

Our signature European wax is custom-formulated for us by one of the world’s leading wax manufacturers in Spain. It’s designed to shrink-wrap around the hair and easily lift from the skin. This special wax, combined with our thorough and specialized Cerology® waxing services ensures more client comfort and better results. Learn more about our unique brand and exclusive brow and skin care products in the Why Waxing The City section.


Put simply, the personal-care industry is recession-resilient, and on the rise. And our largest waxing competitor, European Wax, owns just .3% of the market, due to so many mom and pop shops. This industry is perfectly poised for a major franchise player, and we are ready to fill that gap as one of the fastest-growing franchises. Learn more in the Why Waxing section.

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