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Waxing Your Way To Profitability One Bush At A Time with Angela Jaskolski 
Thats kind of what you buy when you get a franchise. You buy the process, the tools, and the way up the mountain. You also buy a connection to other people that are doing the same thing that you are...when you have
More Than Hot Wax: Webinar with Summer Vasilas and Nick Herrild
Franchising is a great option because it’s a proven- model, less risky than starting something from scratch. You also have a wealth of support! You’re able to go into business for yourself but you’re not by yourself
Why Megan Decided To Diversify And Look For A Business With Greater Customer Loyalty
If you are buying a franchise make sure you absolutely beliee and trust the model you are getting into. because that is what you are replicating.
How Brian and Amy are Waxing their Way To Profitability and a Successful Business 
Helping you be positive, eliminate that self doubt. One of the biggest things when people fail or afraid to take the next step. Is self doubt what if I fail_ You have to take a risk, but you you have to be cautisouly

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