Personal care is hot

Body waxing is a fast-growing segment of the booming salon industry. As it continues to gain in popularity—for women and men, young and old—a business dedicated to waxing is ideally suited for all types of markets in a wide variety of communities.

Major Opportunity

The waxing industry is ready for a major franchise player. 99% of salons only have one location. The largest player, European Wax, has only .3% market share, indicating a significant opportunity for an industry leader to emerge and capture much more of the market.

Recession-Resilient Business

Industry reports show that specialty salons like waxing and nails fared well during the recession. Revenue rose to a high of $11 billion; and best-performing Waxing The City studios started in 2009, proving consumers do not want to give up self-care and beauty even during hard times. Industry revenue is projected to grow even more as employment figures improve and discretionary income increases.**

High-Demand Service

The founders of Waxing The City® recognized that the salon industry was ripe for specialization—especially for waxing. They followed their hunch and opened a studio dedicated to waxing, with rave reviews. Spurred by their loyal clientele and the belief that waxing is a lifestyle, not an occasional treat, they franchised with the help of Self Esteem Brands. The masses of Waxing The City fans today, who recognize a better service and love their cerologists, prove the move was smart.

*Waxing The City AAU Survey, 2014
**IBISWorld’s Personal Waxing & Nail Salons in the US: Market Research Report | Sept. 2016

22% of the U.S. Population Waxes*
(That's More Than Those Who Have A Gym Membership)

11% More Intend to Wax*

46% Personal Care Industry Revenue Growth**


The wax industry is in a very exciting phase right now. We’re seeing a pronounced cultural shift where more and more people are getting waxed every day. Waxing is a need rather than a luxury. Young, old, women, and men – people are beginning to think about professional waxing services the same way they think about taking care of their hair. Both Waxing the City and the wax industry have already seen tremendous growth, but I’m confident that we haven’t yet reached the critical inflection point of explosive growth. With so much opportunity, I’ve never been more excited to be a part of this industry.


“As a long-time waxer, I know the value of a great wax and I’ve always wanted to be able to offer this great service to others. Waxing the City’s reputation and customer service made them the only option for a prospective business for my husband and me. Having owned another franchise, we knew what we were looking for as far as service excellence, reputation, and franchise support. Waxing the City® had it all!”


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