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This isn’t your quick, painful, impersonal waxing experience. In fact, it’s the exact opposite—where superior training, customer service, and comfort reign. Add in confidence-boosting results and there’s no question why people love Waxing The City.

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The wax honest oath

I, as a Waxing the City Cerologist, do solemnly swear to get real about waxing. I will strip about unwanted hair and unneeded anxieties. I will provide an expert wax and a comfortable experience. I will offer post-wax care instructions and pre-wax worry soothing. I will promote body positivity. I will boost self-esteem. I will wax honest.


The only way to provide the very best wax experience is to start with the very best wax. Our custom-formulated soft and hard proprietary wax is made exclusively for Waxing The City in Spain and France. They not only offer gentle hair removal, but soothe and comfort your skin.

Extensive Training

At Waxing the City, our licensed estheticians are not only waxing specialists, they are the ultimate professionals at their craft. This led us to create our very own title of Cerologist™ technicians, which combines "cera" (Latin for wax) with "ologist" (to indicate their level of education and expertise). Each attends a week-long, hands-on training course to become certified and gets ongoing training and education while employed.

Exclusive Products

We believe brows are an extension of people’s styles, and self-care isn’t selfish, it’s smart. That’s why we sell a line of exclusive Waxing The City products that complement our waxing services, provide great gifting opportunities, and give our customers a chance to take a touch of WTC luxury home!

customer testimonials

“The results are waaaaay better than other places. As in, great art takes patience. Seriously, go here. They are fabulous, the customer service is excellent and you will look (and feel!!) awesome afterwards.”

— Emily P. via Yelp

“This is THE place to get waxed... these people have it down to a perfection... and all of the employees must be treated well there because they are all so happy to be working there.”

— Ashley via Yelp

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