Top 3 Traits of Franchise Owners in the Self-Care Industry

The day of a Waxing the City franchise owner is filled with variety—from interacting with customers to checking on their staff of Cerologists®. There are several key personality traits of a franchise owner in the self-care industry that’ll help prospective franchisees step easily into the daily life of their studios. Keep reading to learn more about these characteristics and how each franchise owner can put them to use in their Waxing the City studio.


Whether our incoming franchise owners have gotten a wax before or they’re stepping into the body waxing space for the first time, each one of them is still passionate about self-care. They recognize that it’s an important aspect to people’s happiness and wellbeing, and owning a body waxing franchise with Waxing the City can bring an easily accessible place for a territory’s residents to sit back, relax, and take care of themselves.  

“Do what you love or what you are passionate about and you’ll be successful,” expresses Waxing the City co-founder, Summer Vasilas. “I followed my heart into the beauty industry. Within the industry I have continued to follow my heart, which has taken me in so many different directions. At first, it was getting my esthetics license and working in a spa. From there I opened my own waxing salon (Waxing the City) and then owning five locations in two states. This ultimately led me to franchise the company and now there are over 140 locations. I’m continually listening to what makes my heart sing and following suit. I have no regrets at this stage in my life because of the advice I was once given and choosing to act on it. However, I have found that as easy as it sounds, it often times takes a lot of courage to follow your heart.”

At Waxing the City, we get it. In fact, that’s exactly why we started. Our founders recognized the power of self-care and wanted to make it a part of their customers’ regular routines. Our waxing franchise owners use that passion to motivate their team of Cerologists ®—our licensed aestheticians who are experts on all things wax—and craft a welcoming space for everyone.  


Our franchise owners have always been entrepreneurs even before they knew they wanted to own a self-care franchise. Owning a studio with us is like entrepreneurship with a playbook—it affords a franchise owner the opportunity to truly run their own business with the support of a tried-and-true business model and backing of a corporate team.  

Our franchise owners bring the entrepreneurial spirit into their studios with Waxing the City.  

Melinda Sykes, owner of Waxing the City Dothan shares, “In a way, I stumbled upon the opportunity after moving to a new city that did not yet have a waxing studio nearby – a personal care service I got used to while living in bigger cities. I knew right then that there was an existing need and felt certain that a waxing studio would succeed in my new neighborhood, just as I watched them flourish in larger markets. The immediate need for a studio and the ability to be first to market, coupled with my own entrepreneurial drive led me to Waxing the City. After months of research and eventually visiting the Waxing the City headquarters, I ended up opening my first studio in November 2017.”

We love the drive behind our franchise owners because it helps carry them into ownership roles and motivates their teams. At Waxing the City, our franchise owners have the freedom to run their own studios alongside our 30+ years of support and proven business model.  


Incoming franchise owners at Waxing the City are ready to make an impact and join a franchise that’s got the influence and drive to make it happen. At Waxing the City, our franchise family is even bigger than just us. We’re part of the international fitness and wellbeing powerhouse: Self Esteem Brands. Our family of brands includes the best in the wellness category—including Anytime Fitness, the largest international fitness franchise, The Bar Method and Basecamp Fitness.  

“After being with Self Esteem Brands for over five years now, it’s clear how they have evolved over time. When you form a partnership like franchisors and franchisees do, you can only hope that your partner will continue to evolve as you, a business owner, continues to grow in your career. Through everything, Self Esteem Brands has remained supportive, open-minded, and aligned in the vision of improving the self-esteem of the world. As an entrepreneur in the self-care and wellness space, there’s not much more I could ask for, “Sykes expresses.

Entrepreneurs looking to be a part of something bigger can be right at home with Waxing the City and Self Esteem Brands as we aim to make a global impact on the confidence and self-esteem of the world. Don’t just take our word for it. Our list of glowing awards include: 2022 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 (eight years in a row) and 2020 Entrepreneurs of the Year Award.


Bring your self-care passion and entrepreneurial drive to your franchise ownership role with Waxing the City. Together, we can make a difference in the self-care industry and impact the self-esteem of your customers through top-notch services and exclusive products. Get in touch with our franchise team today to claim your territory and discover more about your franchise opportunities.