We’ve Got New Franchise Owners Covered

Like any business, there are many moving parts to a waxing franchise and a lot of things for franchise owners to keep in mind when selecting the right franchise. Prospective franchise owners should always take a good look at what the franchise offers—such as products and services. They should also take some time to learn about the franchise’s support and training because it is one of the most important things a new owner needs, even if this isn’t their first time owning a business.

At Waxing the City, we’ve got new franchise owners covered. We train from head to toe, so they know what to expect and how to grow their skills throughout ownership. We even check in regularly to see if there’s anything they need and keep them up to date on changes or improvements. Keep reading to see the top ways we support our franchise owners.


Whether incoming franchise owners have owned a beauty franchise before or this is their very first one, Waxing the City has a training program for all experience levels. We help franchise owners get on their feet by getting their studios built first. Our franchise team is ready to help potential owners find the perfect site, as well as help guide them through the leasing and construction processes. And since appearance is everything and our beauty franchise is famous for making our customers feel and look good, we’ve got studio design insights to share, too.

Once the studio is standing, each waxing franchise will then need a staff of the very best Cerologistsâ. We can help identify some ways to attract and secure the top applicants, which is key to getting a location up and running. Our proven staffing model is a great way to keep teams happy and excited to be in the studio.


Once we’ve got the Waxing the City studio built and fully staffed, our team will work with each franchise owner to get the word out about the new location. We will we help put together a grand opening program and show our owners some good ways to create a buzz about their new business.

This assistance is ongoing, too. Franchise owners can receive access to marketing strategies and scheduling to help ensure customers know about the studio and are repeatedly reminded and enticed to make appointments month after month.


With a completed studio, full team of experts, and a leg up in the marketing department, Waxing the City franchise owners are ready to welcome customers in and keep them coming back. And, our franchise team will continue to be in touch throughout ownership. Many of our franchise owners even get together regularly on conference calls and webinars to chat, answer questions, and help create better, more productive businesses for everyone.

Our franchise team will also be around whenever we’re needed. We’ll keep franchise owners in the loop when workshops are coming to their regions and when our annual conference for the entire franchise family is on the way.


Ready to improve the self-esteem of your community and enjoy the support of an entire team of beauty franchise professionals? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we’ll have your back throughout ownership and what you can do to get started today.