Why Owning a Waxing Franchise with Waxing the City Delivers Strong ROI

Opening a business of your own is exciting. You’re an entrepreneur, so you’re ready to finally own and help establish something that’s truly yours. Waxing the City is excited to meet you, get to know your business goals better, and help you get started with a franchise of your own.

So, what makes waxing franchises like Waxing the City such attractive options to innovators and entrepreneurs like you? Waxing the City offers franchise owners like you a business opportunity in the exciting and fast-growing self-care industry, well-established brand power, and multiple revenue streams. Keep reading to see how these will help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

A Booming Industry for a Waxing Franchise

Waxing franchises are booming, and so is the beauty industry. People everywhere are signing up for appointments, purchasing skin and body care products, and enjoying the full-scale benefits of self-care. More and more of us are diving into comprehensive beauty and skincare regimens and making both a habit in our daily routines.

As a franchise owner with Waxing the City, you can tap into these habits as your customers come back each month for regular appointments. We’ve even got exclusive Waxing the City products and leading services that your customers are looking to add to their self-care routines. Together with the booming beauty industry, finding—and keeping—customers is easier with Waxing the City.

A Beauty Franchise with a Well-Established Brand

When you own a franchise with a well-established brand like Waxing the City, you’ve got a proven business model that’s been used by first-time and experienced franchise owners alike.

With Waxing the City’s business model, you’ll have a leg up in the industry. After opening a hundred studios across the country, our team is experienced in grand openings, marketing strategies, team hiring and training, and more. For any franchise question you may have, we’ve got the answers and are happy to share our expertise with you.

A Waxing Franchise with Multiple Revenue Streams

When you own a waxing franchise, you can look to more than just the service itself for revenue. Many franchises in the beauty industry, including Waxing the City, help you expand your business revenue with product lines, membership or loyalty programs, and more. That way, you and your team can enjoy a steady influx of customers and revenue throughout the year.

We’ll help you get our full line of skincare products—in addition to our head-to-toe waxing services for women and men—on your shelves in no time. We can also help you generate predictable recurring revenue and customer loyalty with our Club Orange membership program. By signing up for monthly treatments, your customers receive key benefits—such as discounted rates and rewards—that help build loyalty among your customer base and keep them coming back to your Waxing the City studio appointment after appointment.

Own a Waxing Franchise with Us

Ready to learn more about how you can improve the self-esteem of the world? Our team at Waxing the City is excited to get to know you and help you reach your entrepreneurial goals. Contact us today to find out what our growth plan is for your market.